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Accessibility Development Review Steps

As part of a development workflow, doing one’s job well means evaluating the quality of work multiple times each day. The following steps are helpful to perform once work is stable, but these steps should be a a regular part of a professional developer’s toolkit.
  • Use the Deque axe browser extension to identify accessibility issues
  • Only available in Chrome, Deque axe-coconut browser extension to identify leading edge accessibility issues
  • Google Lighthouse tools to identify web performance, SEO, and accessibility issues
  • Navigate and tab through the page using keyboard only
  • Navigate the page using JAWS with IE11, if available
  • Navigate the page using NVDA with Firefox, if on Windows
  • Navigate the page using VoiceOver with Safari, for Mac
  • Zoom the page to 400% with a screen width of 1280px to test mobile
  • Be sure to test on mobile devices, in both portrait and landscape
  • Evaluate both visual and screen reader experience to identify cognitive considerations and align with WCAG 2.1
  • Create an Epic to collect documented issues found
  • Document individual issue tickets for issues found, include in the epic for the review, and consider how a product manager, designer, developer, or QA person might understand the impact; if possible, offer potential solutions and links to WCAG guidance