Remember those “Under Construction” websites? So passé. I’m perpetually iterating, with a special revamp in the works for the end of 2020. 👀

  1. Cross-discipline

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  2. Web Performance (is everyone’s responsibility)

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  3. Responsive & Adaptive Web Design

    Responsive and adaptive web design are similar, but different

  4. Product

    Document product requirements to include WCAG compliance, performance metrics

    • Accessibility for Product Managers
    • Strategies for creating an accessibility-driven culture
    • Business KPIs, scorecards
    • Set goals for yearly accessibility training
    • Reward / incentivize accessibility training
    • Multiply accessibility experts’ expertise through your teams
  5. Discovery

    Define diverse discovery efforts

    • Inclusive research guidance
    • Technical discovery - to come - to include evaluating the impact of a slow 3G connection, database data format, size of services and APIs, evaluation of tools, definition of code standards
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  6. Design

    Ensure designs are inclusive and accessible

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  7. Engineering

    Evaluate development to ensure accessibility, as well as inclusive coding practices

This collection is a work-in-progress. If you have questions, please ask!